Olivia was born in 1980.

Love Life Advisor®︎
Member of the Japan Society of Sexology

During her university years, she deepened her interest in sexuality, feminism, gender, and sexual wellness products.

Olivia wrote her graduation thesis on the theme of female masturbation.
Her thesis received a lot of attention and was featured in a Japanese newspaper.

After graduating from university, while studying skinship and touch therapy as an aromatherapist, she began to provide information on sexuality from a female perspective on her blog and SNS.

Olivia began her career as a sex-related advisor in 2007.

Olivia has appeared in the media, written books, lectured, counseled, run schools, conducted corporate training, developed products, and proposed “sexual wellness for women” and “sexual life with emphasis on communication” in many fields.

Olivia has been featured in famous women’s magazines such as “Vogue” and “Harper’s Bazaar”.

Her skinship communication “LOVE Momi®”, which she devised based on her experience as an aromatherapist and a Love Life Advisor®︎, has spread by word of mouth and attracts people from all over Japan who want to try it because it eliminates sexlessness and builds a rich partnership.

In 2015, Olivia published a book in Taiwan, gave a demonstration of LOVE Momi® at an exhibition in Macau, and was interviewed by media in the U.S., France, the Netherlands, and other countries about the sexual situation of Japanese people.

Counseling and interviews are available in Japanese.


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