OliviA was born in 1980.

Olivia is a Love adviser, Aroma therapist, and Producer of Sexual Wellness.

Olivia started to work for in her field by writing a graduate thesis about “Female Masturbation.”

Olivia decided her life theme as “Fill the World with Happy Woman!” and became a total adviser of sexuality since in 2007.

Olivia appears on TV and radio, publishes books, writes columns in magazines, blogs, Social media, and online. Olivia presents her ideas with balanced use of “workshops” and “MEDIA” to organize workshops and has appeared in many events in Tokyo, Nagoya, Kyoto, and Osaka.

Often appeared in many famous female magazines in Japan. Olivia has become an opinion leader of sexuality topcis and Articles for sexuality features in Japan.

Olivia’s original couple massage named “LOVE MOMI” (invented by her experience of Aroma therapist and advising love life), has became very popular as “Night training for married life.” Having only been marketed by word of mouth, many people come to visit from all over Japan.

Olivia’s original therapy, created by mixture of sexual counseling and aroma treatment, has a good reputation as “Woman can find out her femininity” and get unbridled love of body.

Olivia’s book「Best feeling of SEX, never get tired of SEX, feel more pleasure in SEX」was released on Jan16 2015 in Taiwan. Olivia introduces her idea of enjoying sexual life not only to Japan but to the whole world.

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